Yep, I haven’t blogged in a bit!

I haven’t blogged in awhile. No, I haven’t strayed from my goals, but life has seriously gotten in the way. I realized in the past few days that the ONLY thing I miss from our days in El Dorado are our Mother’s Day Out days! These were a few hours each week I could schedule in to my calendar to allow me to get shit done. Now, I don’t have that. I adore that my MIL can hang out with my kids occasionally, but she has a life of her own. DH has started his Bar classes, which require full time (plus, plus, plus) so my role has changed completely.

It’s past 11 pm and this is the only time I have to myself. I came up to the office to print house closing items and swim lesson registrations. Tomorrow, my husband will go to Bar classes. I will take the kids to the Y so  they can play and I can try to work toward reaching a body that I can love.

Our daily routine over the past few weeks has helped me tremendously! Once I figure out who I am, then I can keep posting our super duper  clean recipes.


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