Friday grocery shopping with children….what?

I usually do my grocery shopping on Saturday morning so my kids can stay home with my husband. Then I can come home and put stuff away and do some food prep for the week. As a Target employee informed me one weekend, it is so nice that my husband gives me that “me time”. 

No, I did not punch her in the throat.

In no way is that time dedicated to me and my relaxation. But, it does make the process much less painful to not drag two kids along. 

However, bar study is taking most waking minutes of Papi’s time and I’m missing having some “us” time. So, today I decided to do the grocery shopping with the kids and start some food prep so that if there are any spare minutes this weekend, I can soak them up!

Luckily, I didn’t have a huge list this week since I’m using some freezer items up that I purchased during some good sales. Also, I forgot to mention that my huge freezer is on the fritz and is basically a glorified refrigerator right now. This is totally throwing a wrench into my July-August food prep plan. But, I digress…

I’ve found the key to shopping with my loves is to bring lots of snacks and get the race car cart. With these two things, a small shopping trip can be completed with some semblance of sanity remaining.

On this week’s menu, I’ve planned for:

Breakfast: pancakes for the kids (car friendly in order to take Papi to the train each morning), oats and orange juice (this is all Papi and I’m a little grossed out by it), and hb eggs and cucumbers for me. I’m smoothies out for now. 

Lunches: leftovers when possible, tuna salad, green salad, quesadillas on corn tortillas for the kids (I can sneak just about any veggies I want in there!), and veggie and hummus pita sandwiches.


Friday: We have ripe mangos on the tree, so I’m definitely doing the black bean, quinoa, chicken bowls this week. Plus, I had to make some quinoa because as I was cleaning out the pantry, I combined bags of quinoa and had 1 cup too much!

Saturday: I found a little Middle Easten market, so I plan to a do mezza of falafel, hummus, baba ganoush, olives, nuts, and I’m going to skewer some shrimp kabobs for the grill.

Sunday: grilling again! This time, chicken thighs on the grill. Papi marinates them with some lemon, salt and pepper. I made a veggie packet to go with it. In some foil, I chopped 1 red potato, 1 zucchini, 1 yellow squash, 1 orange bell pepper, 1 yellow onion, and drizzled it with a little olive oil and s&p.

Monday: Quinoa stuffed peppers – I had leftover pepper stuffing in the freezer, so I bought a few fresh bell peppers that I can blanch, stuff, and bake! My peppers always vary based on what veggies I have on hand, but if your looking for a recipe, I have tried this one and it’s a nice twist

Tuesday: One pot burrito bowl. This is a new recipe I want to try…sounds good – we will see!

Wednesday: leftovers!

Thursday: chicken with cauliflower mash and wilted spinach

Friday: ????? We will probably grill again – yay, summer 😄

I made kale chips today. Yum!  These are so easy, but really good!

Coat 1/2 bag of kale in about 2tbs of olive oil with some salt. Layer on a baking sheet. Don’t let them overlap! Then bake. 

I tried one that said 350 for 10 minutes today. I find the lower heart and longer time above made for crispier chips.


Anyway, that’s the plan for the week. I know there will be variations, but it’s much less stressful at least having something in the works, even if the days shift!


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