Back at it!

It’s been too long since I’ve blogged! Since my last visit, we’ve moved from Podunk S. AR to Miami, FL. Woohoo! I am so excited to be able to participate in activities with my kiddos. We’ve been here for a month and we’ve already been to the railroad museum, the children’s museum, History Miami, Jumparoos, and a few other events. I didn’t realize how sensory deprived I’d been for the past two years. 

We’ve been somewhat clean since we’ve been here, but there has been too much going out and the past few days have been loaded with birthday party leftovers! 


 My new challenge has been feeding 5 adults and 2 children and meeting various diets, allergies, and food sensitivities. I haven’t done perfectly, but it’s a learning process! It is definitely expanding my horizons and encouraging me to try even more new recipes.

Here are some things I’ve made that have gone over well with everyone.

Chicken veggie stir fry served over arugula with balsamic baked brussel sprouts.
Veggies, hummus, and black bean, corn, avacado, tomatoes salsa (my lunch of leftovers). The salsa was originally served with baked tilapia. There were about 2 tbs of the salsa left at the end of the meal!


 Whole wheat pita sandwiches including sprouts, tuna salad (mustard, onions, and a dab of Greek yogurt – no mayo), cucumber sauce (cucumber, dill, Greek yogurt, s/p), tomato slices, cucumber slices, optional cheese, and mushroom slices.  

Shrimp fajitas  – I usually use regular sour cream. This was a new salsa bought. It was ok, but it could have used a little more seasoning or something. And cilantro makes everything better!   

So, this week’s menu: 

Breakfasts: Smoothies – I add the spinach and almonds right into my packets. I vary the fruit as well (I don’t like raspberries in my smoothies.)

 Banana oat pancakes – I make a bunch and freeze them – mostly for Puppe. Macho and I don’t care for pancakes of any type.

Lunches: tuna salad, veggie pita sandwiches, veggies and hummus, homemade chicken nuggets, and fruit, fruit, and more fruit for my little bottomless pits!


T- Fish tacos with red cabbage slaw – trying a new recipe with the slaw

W- baked ck thighs, roasted butternut squash, green salad 

Th- Lemon garlic shrimp w/ wilted spinach and cauliflower mash (I made this a couple of weeks ago and it has been requested twice.)

F- Aspargus, heart of palm salad (I stumbled on this searching for an artichoke salad. The recipe didn’t actually include them, but it was really good. This time I will leave them out and see how it is.) 

Sa- Quinoa/sprouted rice stuffed peppers and salad (I made and froze these last week – I love stuffed peppers as a freezer meal.) I don’t really follow a recipe anymore. I chop up whatever veggies I have, mix them with some cooked quinoa and tomato sauce and stuff them in a blanched bell pepper. Bake at 350 for about 30-45 minutes.

Su- Mango, black bean chicken quinoa bowls – I plan to just use a bowl or lettuce wrap instead of the tortilla in the recipe

M – caprese pasta salad (gf pasta).

I’m working on creating schedules, routines, menus, etc… But, it’s an adjustment for everyone. We all have different food needs, different schedules, and different budgets. 

Here is to expanding my clean eating menu and improving as I go along.


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