Giggles and love

Most of my musings have been about food and clean eating. This keeps me focused and has helped keep me above water over some very stressful months. But, the center of my life and reason for being is my family. I read somewhere that you shouldn’t share your kid’s names or too many details because of the weirdos out there who like to find you. So, my husband and I chatted about nicknames. My nicknames for our kids are just variations of their names where my husband’s are from his family background. I decided to use his since they are everyday names in our house and they reflect some of the cultural blend of our family. 

Papi – this is what our son calls my husband, baby girl doesn’t talk yet

Macho (3 years) – my son’s nickname from his dad (Spanish for male…technically)

Puppe (10 months on 2/25) – my daughter’s nickname from her dad (German for doll)

Today, we were stuck in the house most of the day due to ice storms. This can be enough to drive you nuts. But, I found that even with the noise and restlessness, I was able to appreciate those adorable little things your kiddos do. At dinner, Puppe was playing with toys in her high chair since she had already eaten. Mid bite, I got pegged with a ball. When I turned and said “Hey!” She popped up with her little girly growl and said “Uh oh!” We all got a good laugh. Then, I had a reminder of just what a sweet loving soul my little Macho is. He was pretending to talk to Oma, then “Grandpa’s Mommy” (???), and then Grandma on the play phone. Each time, I had to talk as well. On the last call, I told him to say goodnight to Grandma and he said “goodnight, sweet dreams”.  And, I realized that each of my actions and phrases stay with my kids. It does my heart good to hear such sweet and concerned sayings from my son, but I also have to laugh at his rendition of “out of the kitchen!” Words and actions mean so much and to these little being, I am their world. I need to take those frustrating moments and try to see how they view it. What are they thinking? What can I do to make this a positive? Each day, I just need to work to be better.

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