Meat free? Sure, no problem!

Fridays during Lent inspire me to seek out new meat-free recipes. Yes, we could eat fish every Friday, but where is the adventure in that? This week, I thought a recipe for butternut mushroom enchiladas with a tomatillo sauce sounded very interesting. The recipe blogger mentioned that this meal was not a quick one. Good grief, was that an understatement. 

There are options that I took upon myself that made this recipe a mini little jaunt to hell and back.

1. My kids were home, awake, and had no other caregiver around. Try cleaning and roasting tomatillos with a baby pulling down your pants.

2. I don’t buy precut veggies. Let me say, butternut squash is one of the only times I regret this! Have you ever peeled and chopped a butternut squash? I do find popping it in the microwave for a few minutes softens it up enough to make the chopping process a little less painful. Luckily, I now have 7 extra cups cleaned and chopped in the freezer.

3. For some reason, I cannot make a flipping corn tortilla to save my life. If I hand roll them, they are all wonky shaped. So, I bought an electric press that cooks them too. Uh, yeah. I’ve managed to botch that too. That being said, this became an enchilada casserole instead of rolled enchiladas.

Even without my poor choices, there is a lot of cleaning, chopping, roasting, and assembling. This is not a quick week night dinner. 

The tomatillo sauce is really good though and I used one of my exploded tortillas (don’t ask) to dip in the sauce. Yum! Maybe we’ll just use the leftover sauce for that.

I pretty much do not care how tasty this turns out. I never want to make this again! I was going to make Puppe’s banana oat pancakes today, but I am wiped out! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

Update: Damn it, it’s really good! We all liked this recipe a lot. The good news is, I have butternut squash already cubed in the freezer and the tortillas left in the warmer were actually pliable later. Also, the tomatillo sauce made extra, so I might have enough for another batch. Plus, we still have a lot left over!

Here is the recipe, if yo want to try it out! Butternut mushroom enchiladas

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