Look at me, I’m starting to blog! The trend should die in 3…2…

With the encouragement of my friends, family, and mostly my husband, I’ve decided to jump onto the blog bandwagon. I took a few weeks to think about what this blog would be. I’m in a fairly new phase of my life and the transition has been weird, fun, scary, disappointing, exciting, fulfilling, etc… After the birth of our second child, I became a stay-at-home mom. Why is this such a big deal? Tons of parents stay at home!

For me, I’ve worked since I was 11. I started babysitting then and by 13 I was doing office work after school. I worked all through high school and college and then I FINALLY graduated, became a teacher, and moved into school administration. I worked full-time while earning my first Master’s and worked full-time and had an infant when I got my second Master’s.
I did all of those things and still did laundry, cooked, cleaned, you get the idea. I was always scheduled, focused, going, going, going.

So, the scary part of staying home with my kiddos was wondering what the hell I was going to do all day. My husband even gave me 18 months max before I went “batshit crazy” and went back to work. Well, I’ve made it over six months and I’m only 3/4 crazy but I did start doing some part-time contract work 3 months in. 😉

I plan to use this space to explore my transition from professional to SAHM. In trying to figure out who I am now, I hope it will help me succeed at this new job. My kids deserve the best and I want that best to be me. I guess it will be part mommy blog, part food blog, and probably some teacher stuff too. Welcome to my multi-tasking mind!


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